Testing / Training Facility – Get more production from your entry level labor!

National Construction Workforce recognizes that the 2013 commercial construction labor market is “top-heavy” due to a variety of reasons, much of them connected to macroeconomic construction conditions from 2008-2011. What entry level labor clients are able to find, typically isn’t qualified enough to meet production demands, or there is too small of a supply of those that are.

National Construction is focusing on offering a Pre-Apprenticeship Boot Camp, where its DOL certified apprentice relationships with ABC and IEC will be supplemented with targeted entry level skills gap training.

Participants are expected to attend classes two evenings per week, for three hours each and four hours on Saturday afternoons. An entire course will consist of twelve weeks, or 120 hours of classroom training.

At the end of 12 weeks, participants will receive:

  1. OSHA 10 certificate
  2. Lift Certifications
  3. NCCER CORE Certificate
  4. Basic Hand Tools (included in tuition)
  5. MICCS Certification
  6. 15-20% journeyman capacity, using NCCER standards

Clients will have the ability to buy-out training costs of the participant, via a direct hire, after a 1,000 hour leasing period. Immediately upon enrollment, NCW will give all participants their necessary basic hand and cordless power tools, and all necessary PPE.

In addition to using this facility to develop entry level labor, National Construction has also enhanced its already detailed recruiting and screening process by allowing for actual hands on testing in this same Indianapolis Indiana facility. Candidates are tested and scored on their ability to complete a series of tasks specific to their trade, and are compared to standards of performance and quality that is expected for someone of their experience or desired pay grade. All of this is supervised by our recruiting department, and performance data can be shared in real time with our clients.