Piece Rate Strategy – Higher productivity rates on multi-family & hotel projects!

In this market where margins are smaller and productivity more critical than ever, National Construction has evolved to allow clients to price projects via a piece rate strategy, with a cost not to exceed. In this scenario, National Construction is willing to bill for labor per unit of production, completed to the standards of a client’s QA/QC personnel, rather than our typical billable hour format. Provided that our team is granted enough information on and access to the project ahead of time, NCW is even willing to guarantee a “cost not to exceed” for labor only, on a particular portion of your overall project (EX: one floor phase 1 rough-in wiring).

In order to be able to successfully complete the project for all parties under these parameters, National Construction has drafted a contract-specific piece rate payment agreement that meets all DOL and IRS guidelines.

NCW Consulting – Maximize your operational efficiency and focus on what you do best!

While NCW specializes in skilled construction labor recruiting and employee leasing, the nature of our business demands that we maintain a constant focus on operational efficiency. The processes we have developed and purchasing power we possess with vendors make National Construction Workforce an attractive partner for your closely-held subcontracting business.

Specifically, our detailed fact-finding process will help analyze and maximize your:

  1. Payroll procedures and costs
  2. Employee benefit structure and costs
  3. Recruiting, hiring and firing best practices
  4. CRM implementation and management
  5. Team accountability coaching
  6. Workman’s compensation insurance
  7. Unemployment tax mitigation

Our ultimate goal is to help you focus on what you do best – sell work and run that work successfully!