Direct Hire Services

Our Direct Hire Services alleviate the client’s burden of searching for quality candidates on their own. We have years of experience in searching for rare talent, and have a knack for finding highly-experienced professionals. Our secret to success is our commitment to the following:


Our client partnerships extend nationwide with respected companies across a variety of industries. With a fact-finding mission built on relationships and trust, we remove the white noise and pain associated with trying to find the best and the brightest. We act as an extension of the companies we represent in the marketplace by treating client values as our own.


Our relationships with our candidates are one of our proudest achievements, and one of our biggest success factors. We’ve created a strong network of high achievers in major markets, and act as a career consultant, able to offer exciting opportunities that match their wish list. Our candidates’ career and personal goals are very important to us and we take the time to understand what is very important to them.


We believe that company culture is a key factor and contributor to long-term employee attainment. We do our best to match the culture of the companies we represent with the atmosphere our candidates are looking for.